19 Days and Counting!

The wedding is less than 3 weeks away! How did this happen??!

We are finally feeling the pressure to get things wrapped up. Fortunately, it seems to be falling in line fairly quickly. We’ve “tied the knot” on the venue, the caterer and the wedding cake. Tomorrow we take care of the florist. Last will be the photographer.

It’s really exciting to see how it’s all coming together now! Boxes are arriving every day!

So far we have received:

– 2 giant skulls that serve as drink dispensers
– 100+ squishy stuffed skeletons
– 120+ lollipops
– 2 Devilmingos (compliments of my awesome co-worker, Sara)
– a pumpkin
– 3 sets of decorative string lights
– a skeleton bride and groom
– 50 American feet of leopard print satin
– a dozen mason jars
– submersible LED lights

So far I think things are looking just as we had envisioned. I just need to complete a few more tiny details and the decorations for both the ceremony and reception will be finished!

Now we just need to write our vows, script the ceremony, decide on music, etc. You know, all those “tiny” details. HAH.

I am feeling most grateful for the advice I’ve received from People Who Know. Namely – have fun with it! This is supposed to be a celebration. Also, find your vision and stick with it. Don’t try to do everything. Just do what feels true and authentic. That’s how I ended up with 50 feet of leopard print.

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Things are in the mail!

Whoa. Shit just got real, ya’ll!


Our Save-the-Dates went out in today’s mail. That means that we’re definitely having a wedding! Never mind all those deposits on the venue, caterer and photographer, or the fancy clothes we bought. As it turns out, the point of no return is the post office.


Our delightfully Biblical apocalyptic Save-the-Dates were one of the very first ideas we embraced when we began planning the wedding. Lenny had always said that he was never getting re-married and I have always said that if I ever got married at all it would be a sign of the end times.


And here we are.


As it turns out, though, apparently not many (…or any…) other people have chosen such a theme because it proved impossible to find stationary that included images of the Four Horsemen: Death, Plague, War and Famine. Shocking, I know. Everyone seems to have jumped on the zombie apocalypse bandwagon and now it seems so cliché.


The illustration on our Save-the-Dates was drawn by the husband of one of my co-workers as an incredibly generous wedding gift to us. He is a very talented sci-fi artist by the name of Mark Helwig. I highly encourage you to go check out more of his work at his website: www.markhelwigart.com. You can also find more information on him on the Artists page of our wedding website.


After Mark sent us his initial black and white sketch, I used my meager Photoshop skills to, for better or worse (no pun intended), give it a little tweak and add our text. (Quasimodo is our font, for those of you who are font geeks.) Lenny handled the layout on the postcards we ordered from Vistaprint, since all computer-based things are belong to him.


PROTIP: if you just order regular postcards (as opposed to the template wedding themes they make available) and design your own save-the-date, it drops the cost per card significantly! We got to use an original theme, got some amazing artwork, and had everything printed and shipped along with envelopes and return address labels for pennies on the dollar. If we had gone with one of the cookie-cutter templates we found online, it could have cost us over $2.00 per card – which adds up when you have a lot of them to send! Plus, it wouldn’t be unique to us and we are nothing if not two of a kind!


Once our save-the-dates, envelopes and return address labels showed up, we decided to complete the look with “wax seal” stickers from Zazzle. After all, you have to break the seal if you’re going to unleash Pandora’s box.


And with that, our first fun wedding project is complete. I can hardly wait for the phone calls from our parents…

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The End is Nigh…

Yes folks, it’s really happening! No, not RagnarökThe Mayans were wrong, too. As it turns out the Harbinger of Doom is a fiery redhead! Legend has foretold that her union to a giant ManBear will likely bring about the end of all creation.


Mark your calendars for October 18th, 2014 and begin your doomsday preparations.


Stock up on your milk, bread and eggs now. Supplies are limited!


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Welcome to our wedding website and thank you for joining us as we journey down the rabbit hole known as wedding planning! Buckle your seatbelts, kids. This promises to be a wild ride.


Please bookmark this page and check back often for updates on the Big Day, information on our venue, hotel accommodations, local dining and entertainment, the artisans whose work will be on display during the event, the bridal party, ceremony, reception and much, much more.


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