19 Days and Counting!

The wedding is less than 3 weeks away! How did this happen??!

We are finally feeling the pressure to get things wrapped up. Fortunately, it seems to be falling in line fairly quickly. We’ve “tied the knot” on the venue, the caterer and the wedding cake. Tomorrow we take care of the florist. Last will be the photographer.

It’s really exciting to see how it’s all coming together now! Boxes are arriving every day!

So far we have received:

– 2 giant skulls that serve as drink dispensers
– 100+ squishy stuffed skeletons
– 120+ lollipops
– 2 Devilmingos (compliments of my awesome co-worker, Sara)
– a pumpkin
– 3 sets of decorative string lights
– a skeleton bride and groom
– 50 American feet of leopard print satin
– a dozen mason jars
– submersible LED lights

So far I think things are looking just as we had envisioned. I just need to complete a few more tiny details and the decorations for both the ceremony and reception will be finished!

Now we just need to write our vows, script the ceremony, decide on music, etc. You know, all those “tiny” details. HAH.

I am feeling most grateful for the advice I’ve received from People Who Know. Namely – have fun with it! This is supposed to be a celebration. Also, find your vision and stick with it. Don’t try to do everything. Just do what feels true and authentic. That’s how I ended up with 50 feet of leopard print.

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