Ceremony Information

Ceremony Information



We are honored that our dear friend, Vernard Martin, will be the officiant and Master of Ceremonies at our wedding.


Vernard and Donna met almost a decade ago through mutual friends who attended a weekly gathering known as “Margarita Friday”. Over the years they have laughed together, cried together, eaten a lot of BBQ and had to wash at least one bra out in the sink.

Thank you, Vernard, for taking on the challenge of being the ringleader for our shenanigans. Although, this time you can’t claim you weren’t even supposed to be there!




It is our pleasure to announce that the lovely and wonderful, Juliana Finch, will be performing the music for our ceremony, as well as playing selected favorites of her own music during the reception. You can find our more about Juliana on our Artists page, or at her one of her websites: julianafinch.com or write.play.repeat.


Juliana and Donna met shortly after she moved to Atlanta. Juliana was just out of high school. She was playing guitar and singing at a St. Patrick’s Day party Donna attended. All these years later Juliana is still making beautiful music and we are lucky enough to be able to share it with you. If you’d like to sample some of her tunes, check out: julianafinch.bandcamp.com.

Thank you, Juliana, for sharing your amazing talent with us. You continue to inspire us and your music has become the soundtrack for so many important moments in our relationship.

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